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Mercedes Move

The Mercedes move is dedicated to the healing and restoration of at risk youth and young adults who are struggling in the areas of depression, neglect, insecurity, and suicidal ideologies. 

Mercedes' Story

Mercedes' Avalos is a 16 year old youth whose life was transformed first and foremost by God through the experience of a retreat. Mercedes recently attended a retreat with the intentions to end her life. However, the Lord had a plan to birth a movement dedicated to youth in the same situation. There are so many youth and young adults who are dealing with similar ideologies as Mercedes. Thoughts such as: body image insecurities, depression, loneliness, intimidation, harassment, and committing suicide.

After her transformation at the retreat, Mercedes mind, spirit, and heart were reignited with the fire of the Lord. She no longer wanted to take her life nor did she have insecurities about her value. Mercedes was transformed! 


With your contribution we can help reach other at risk youth and young adults just like Mercedes. 


If you want to be involved in this movement contact:


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