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G.O.D. 1 Discipleship Course

The Generation of Disciples School is a ten-step program designed to develop
servant-leadership within the structure of the church. This developmental process
will help the church develop a Biblical church leadership training environment
and will allow each participant to apply what he/she has learned through church
ministry or ministries.

The Vision of the Generation of Disciples School is to continually equip, engage, & train Christian
men and women to become Servant – Leaders. People that understand that it is not
about a title, but about a towel.

For the Students

G.O.D. 2 Discipleship Course

Last Chance Ministries’ Generation of Disciples (G.O.D.) course Level 2 takes students
in a journey through the main stories of the Bible and the Parables of Jesus. This 12-
week program is designed to encourage the learner to dive in deeper into the Scriptures
by learning how to abstract the essence of the biblical teachings and its relevance to our
world today. The lessons are offered in a casual atmosphere in which the group
engages in conversations about the different stories found in the Bible and their
applicability to our lives today.

For the Students

G.O.D. 3 Discipleship Course

Welcome to Last Chance Ministries’ Generation of Disciples (G.O.D.) course Level 3! It
is our prayer that as you start this journey, the Lord gives you the wisdom and
motivation to continue growing in your understanding of Scripture and its applicability to
our everyday life. These 12 lessons are based on the Book of Nehemiah, a 13-chapter
record of one of the most remarkable stories of Israel’s post-exilic period. Throughout
this program, we will explore the characteristics that helped Nehemiah become an
effective and purpose-driven leader who spearheaded the rebuilding of the walls of

For the Students

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