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17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; b

Our New Life Retreat Center is in a 42-acre land, located between the towns of Crystal City, La Pryor and Batesville. The area is in the middle of a beautiful Texas style countryside landscape, where visitors can enjoy a calming peace and quiet away from the hectic city, a clean breeze, breathtaking sunsets, and spectacular starry nights – but most importantly, it is a place to experience profound encounters with the God who created all those things! Through our annual retreats held at this location, many lives are being transformed into the individuals that their Creator intended them to be.

Sow a Seed!

To give a custom amount please click Here

Make sure to choose "retreat center support" on the drop down option!

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Custom Named Street - $10,000

With this level of donation, you get to name one of the roads of New Life Retreat Center. Each of these
roadways lead to a point in the property in which individuals of all backgrounds will have a
transformative experience in their lives. You can be a part of that transformation through your
generous contribution!


Retreat Cabin - $5,000

New Life Retreat Center will have lodging cabins for the retreatants to sleep in. Your
monetary gift of this amount will grant you the ability of naming one of these cabins in memory
of a loved one or after an organization that you represent.

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Prayer Bench - $700

This special donation will give you the opportunity to have a bench with a personalized plaque, which may have the name of an individual or organization of your choosing. This bench will be placed in the New Life Retreat’s Center Prayer Garden. The area is for guests to enjoy quiet and intimate times of prayer and reflection.

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